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Actual Play VI: The Trial of Aphrodite (Part One)

In the Garden of Hesperides

Once the heroes had obtained The Golden Galleon with Polyphemus the cyclops acting as navigator, the crew set sail further east deep to the very edge of the world to find the Garden of Hesperides. They arrived to an island with a huge stone wall. They circumnavigated the island looking for a gate, but found none. They did, however, discover a small boat tucked into a cove. They got out to investigate only to discover it belonged to their old friend Kalikilla! (who was now an NPC) She wore a deep cloak of rich blue, and was carrying with her a gift from her father, the Cap of Hades. She figured she would run into them on the island, and warned that the apples inside the walls are guarded by a hundred-headed dragon named Ladon, as well as the Hesperides, nymphs who were daughters of Atlas.
All the heroes welcomed Kalikilla back except for Echo, the beautiful daughter of Aphrodite. She assumed that Kalikilla could not be trusted and refused to allow her out of…

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